About Paul Kells

Paul Kells' clients are based largely in Atlantic Canada where he delivers tools, facilitates, educates and mentors leadership teams to implement disciplines that accelerate and elevate the growth of their businesses.  With over 30 years of deep experience as a Business Accelerator for small to mid-size businesses along with some of Canada's larger companies, he has helped hundreds of individuals and leadership teams achieve the clarity and focus they seek to deal with the challenges they face.


Paul has a deep and diverse background as a coach and business mentor in both in the private and not for profits sectors. He is particularly skilled at helping leaders engage others (and lead by example) to be more accountable for specific outcomes. He applies both specific tools and first-hand experience to help reduce complexity, prioritize and simplify key issues by identifying, discussing and solving them.


Paul's core purpose is to bring great tools, proven process and his own experience to undo the knots that holdback smart people and good businesses from being even better than they already are.

Paul offers a wide world of experience to this role:

  • He’s been there himself: A four stage career as an executive leader in journalism, business, the not-for-profit sector and as a business coach

  • A clear thinking compassionate listener and expert communicator with outstanding people skills

  • A nationally recognized expert, facilitator and consultant on people engagement and culture shift

  • An international speaker on those topics as well as workplace health, safety and respect environments

35 years of leadership and coaching experience in:

  • Helping already successful business owners create more accountability in their people as they grow, hire and execute plans

  • Assisting  small business start-ups to get focused and organized

  • Teaching and implementing  the EOS/Traction system to create reliable, consistent, fully functional business teams

  • Aligning focus, goals, values and targets to implementation 

  • Teaching teams in small and large businesses, governments and not profits, work better and more productively than ever before.

  • Facilitating clarity and speedy implementation of one-off projects in businesses,  communities and for not for profits 

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